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Gil Friend | insight speakers

Gil Friend is founder and Chair of Natural Logic Inc, which advises leading companies on business-integrated sustainability strategies. Author of The Truth About Green Business and more than 100 articles, he is widely considered a founder of the sustainable business movement, and is an inaugural member of the ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame. He currently serves as CSO of the City of Palo Alto CA.

A trusted advisor to some of the world’s leading companies, he’s an engaging speaker, a provocative thought leader and a pragmatic visionary.

Selected Topics

strategy       finance       innovation       sustainability       industrial ecology       systems thinking

Selected Speaking

Gil regularly delivers keynotes, workshops, breakfast meetings, breakouts, full classes, as well as executive coaching.

Gil tailors his content and style to your audience, and leave them informed, challenged and energized. Some recent topics have included:

  • The Mysteriously Elusive Sustainability Business Case: How smart companies are making “sustainability” a source of business value—and what others are working too hard NOT to get it
  • The State of Sustainability: How well is the marriage of business and sustainability really doing? A report from the field
  • The Truth About Green Business: How green business gets done—and why “you don’t have to choose between making money and making sense!”
  • Getting the Prices Right: Why capitalism can’t work as long as it keeps lying to itself
  • Measuring What Matters: If what gets measured gets done, then what should you measure? And how can you use smart performance metrics to help your people make better business decisions?
  • Nothing to Hide? How radical transparency, open systems and shared IP are transforming business—and what they mean for the sustainability revolution
  • The CFO—The Next Sustainability Leader?  What CFOs can do for sustainability—and what sustainability can do for CFOs!
How Cities Can Drive Sustainability (SEC 2014)Building a World of Sustainable Economy (CleanTech Open)No More Coal: Gil Friend at the Commonwealth Club
The Power of &... In a World of Either/Or (Sustainable Brands)2013 Ceres Conference - An Interview with Gil Friend, President & CEO at Natural LogicInterview w Joan Michaelson, @ VERGE 2013
The Truth About Green Business— and the Three Key Barriers to Building a Sustainable Economy (Commonwealth Club)Clean Tech Forum 2013, SF Making Your Life Count (SOCAP)

Noted thought leader, innovator and advisor, deeply experienced in Sustainability and Business Strategy. Widely considered one of the founders of the field. Gil was named “one of the top 10 most influential sustainability voices in America” by The Guardian UK. Broad, multi-industry content experience spanning strategy, systems ecology, operations, innovation, performance evaluation, information systems, communications, economic development, management cybernetics, and public policy. Extensive global network, developed over more than 40 years experience in this field.

Gil earned an MS in Systems Ecology (Ecosystems Management from the acclaimed Antioch College as well as a BA in English from the City University of New York City.

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Selected Books

Make It So

The Truth About Green Business

Everything you need to know to green your business and grow your profit.
• The truth about what climate change means for your business
• The truth about running lean and green
• The truth about future proofing your business

Simply the best thinking


Gil Friend is one of the most thoughtful and creative thinkers I know in sustainable business, and artfully bridges the scientific and technical sides of sustainability, the realities of the daily world of business sand people, and the systems in which they operate.
Joel Makower, Chairman,

“Gil is an outstanding speaker and can stimulate the kind of free-wheeling exchange that most conferences are looking for.”
Bruce Klafter, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Executive, Applied Materials

“Gil has a rare combination of deep substantive expertise, a broad and cross-cutting awareness of the issues and activities of key players, and a collaborative nature. I recommend him without reservation.”
Aimee Christensen,  Christensen Global Strategies

“Gil Friend is a great friend, not just of mine but of the whole planet!”
William McDonough, McDonough Innovation

“Gil has keen insights into how sustainability affects the business side of a company, and is one of the most eloquent speakers I know on the topic.”
—Senior Research Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Lab


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