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Urban Re:Vision

Urban Re:Vision helps cities develop innovation, sustainable and community driven urban blocks. Eric is the Executive Director for Urban Re:Vision and has been on the board since 2007.

Architects/ Designers/ Planners for Social Responsibility
ADPSR educates design professionals and the public about critical social and environmental issues. ADPSR's programs include a community list serve.. Eric currently sits on the board and supports their educational and outreach efforts.

Local Exchange
Local Exchange an association of companies and individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area seeking to develop and promote business that is: local, sustainable & socially responsible. Eric sits on the board.

ArtSFest is a Bay Area wide festival of artists serving to connect members of the arts community to one another. Founder Brad Nye brings his years of experience to build something truly special. oA serves on their curatorial and advisory committees.

A+D: Architecture + Design Museum of Los Angeles
Founded in 2001, the mission of the A+D is to expose the public to architecture and design, to encourage innovative thinking in these fields, and to stimulate an awareness of contemporary design. Eric advises Museum Director Tibbie Dunbar on various fundraising projects.

Academy of Art University
Eric developed and teaches the Sustainable Design curriculum with Craig Henritzy.

University of California Berkeley
Eric co-developed and teaches the Sustainable Design curriculum with Michael Sammet.

San Francisco Institute of Architecture
SFIA is an architecture school devoted to innovation, sustainability and experimental research. Eric lectures there every semester.

West Coast Green
West Coast Green is the largest residential green building tradeshow and conference in the country. Produced by green building advocate Christi Graham, WCG is held in September in San Francisco. Eric sits on the Steering Committee with a team of renowned experts in the field.

Publishing & Events:
Green Home Guide
What if you combined craigslist, Amazon and Consumer Reports, but focused on green building? GHG is a community of professionals and homeowners providing unbiased reviews and comments on green building materials. Eric is a founding member of their Technical Advisory Council and was an initial "brainstormer" on the project for founder Willem Maas.

Eric is the resident expert for his monthly GreenerBuildings column, "Ask the Green Architect," available here. The site is produced by GreenBiz and Joel Makower.

ecoTECTURE: The Online Journal of Ecological Design
Eric was one of the co-creators of this journal in 1999 with Skip Wenz. The journal continues to cover groundbreaking advancements in the fields of ecological design.

The Commonwealth Club of California
The Club is the nation's oldest and most respected public affairs forum. Through their Environmental Committee, organicARCHITECT sponsors events on design and sustainability.

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Green Organizations:
Build It Green
BIG is a professional non-profit seeking to transform the building industry to our inevitable green future. Their green home tours, research and resources are incredible. Eric is a member of their Real Estate and Builders committees.

San Francisco Department of the Environment
SF Environment's mission is to improve, enhance, and preserve the environment and to promote San Francisco's long-term environmental well being. oA works with members of the department on education, outreach and development.

US Green Building Council
The USGBC is the nations foremost coalition of leaders from across the building industry working to promote environmentally responsible buildings. Their LEED Rating System is the standard for Green Building. We are proud to be LEED Accredited Professionals.

AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE)
The COTE promotes green building by advancing environmental knowledge, and advocating best design practices to integrate built and natural systems to the profession. Eric advises the group and supports their promotional needs.

San Francisco Green Business Program
Through a voluntary checklist administered by the Department of the Environment, the Green Biz program helps businesses integrate environmental responsibility into their operations in a manner that is sustainable as well as profitable. organicARCHITECT is proud to be the first business in San Francisco to be Certified Green and to have brought other businesses into certification.

Organic Architecture:
The Friends of Kebyar

The FOK is a group of architects and designers dedicated to organic and creative architecture. They are continuing the tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff. Eric has been a member since 1989.

Taliesin Fellows
Dedicated to the principles and philosophy of Frank Lloyd Wright, former apprentices, home owners and designers are represented in the membership of Northern California Taliesin Fellows.

Building Green TV
The work of producers Michael Mattioli & Kevin Contreras, "Building Green" is a PBS series about environmentally friendly building. Eric is one of their regular on-air experts and can be seen in various episodes.

Natural Logic
Natural Logic is the consulting company run by visionary Gil Friend. oA is a member of their consulting and advisory team for clients like Alameda County. Be sure to read Gil's informative blog.

Eco-responsible drivers can purchase a TerraPass for their vehicle, a certificate used to invest in alternative energy sources. The pass offsets the CO2 emissions from your car. The price varies based on your car's emmissions (SUV owners pay more). oA is working with TerraPass to develop a similar product for buildings.

Origo is an incubator for developing socially responsible businesses. Led by Jeffrey Hamaoui, their "Best House Ever" is an initiative to build homes that are innovative in both appearance and environmental responsibility. oA is designing the initial framework of the project. Interested investors should visit this page.

Center for Environmental Health
CEH protects the public from environmental and consumer health hazards. They actively seek out harmful materials (like lead) in common items such as children's toys and our food. organicARCHITECT sponsors their important efforts.

Ecosa Capital
Ecosa Capital fills a critical gap in the financial services market. Focused solely on socially responsible businesses, Ecosa invests in emerging green companies. oA provides green building advice to the impressive team led by co-founder Paul Frankel. Interested investors should visit this page.

Ecostructure Financial
Ecostructure helps develop and finance businesses and projects that benefit forests, rivers, coral reefs, open space, and people. oA supports their work, and even designed their "mascot logo" for founder Mark Winstein.

Prosper (formerly Circle One Investments)
Financial services for small construction and improvement loads with competitive rates arranged in an eBay-like bidding process. oA is a Founding Group Leader for individuals seeking small loans.

Elero Solar
A German company providing innovative solar facade solutions. oA is working to bring their products to the US.

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