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organicARCHITECT Announces 2004 Green Products Award Winners
San Francisco, CA: January 5th, 2005

organicARCHITECT, a green architecture firm and research think-tank, today announced the recipients of its 2004 organicAWARDS. This first annual award recognizes the most exciting products introduced in the past year that promote both design innovation and environmental responsibility.

"The winners selected this year show that designers are growing more comfortable with green issues," noted organicARCHITECT Principal Eric Corey Freed. "All of our winners have found new and innovative ways to use environmentalism to inspire their design solutions." Nearly all of the winning products are commercially available to the public right now. Two of the twenty winners -- a corn-based printer from HP and the hybrid concept cars from Toyota -- are prototypes and not yet available to the public.

The success of recent products such as the Apple iPod and Mini Cooper demonstrate the public's desire for well designed items. In addition, the need to be green has hit the mainstream as evidenced by the number of Toyota Prius Hybrid cars on the road today.

Perhaps the most innovative product recognized among organicARCHITECT's winners of 2004 is MateriaLab's Wind + Solar Facade which generates energy using tiny, micro wind turbines that attach to any building. And it does this in a dramatic, amorphous deflector panel. "If this product can actually do what it says, it will be in a position to change the market" according to Freed.

organicARCHITECT's product selections this year demonstrate the tremendous innovation and interest in being green coming out of the design industry. "New products appear every day," said Freed. "Just keeping up with the newest items is becoming a full-time job for us."

One of the biggest drivers in the development of green products is the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED® Rating System (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which recognizes buildings for having certain environmental characteristics or the energy or water savings they achieve. "Architects, Product Designers and Graphics Designers are looking for green alternatives for their ideas, and manufacturers are responding" said Freed, an architect himself.

Some interesting trends among the winners include the use of bio-composite materials such as plastic polymer made from corn, panels made from sunflower seeds and natural mulching felt.

For more information, contact Eric Corey Freed


Winners of the organicAWARDS for 2004 ::

Eco-Resin Panels by 3-Form
Bamboo Stool by Adapt Design
Eco-Buzz Partitions by Baltix Furniture
100% Recycled Glass Terrazzo by EnviroGLAS
Corn Bio-Polymer Printer by HP
Entropy Carpet Tiles by Interface
Combination Washer-Dryers by LG
Wind & Solar Facade by MateriaLab
Cleaning Products by Method Home
3D Wallpaper by MioCulture
Mirra Chair by Herman Miller
Textured Gypsum Wall Panels by Modular Arts
Cardboard Desktop Speakers by Muji
Peel Chair by Stokke
Plyfold Containers by Ply Design
Recycled/Recycable Toothbrush by Preserve
100% Recycled Glass Knobs by SpectraDecor
Stapleless Stapler by Uncommon Goods
Ecowash Wool Socks by Teko
Hybrid Concept Vehicles by Toyota



The organicAWARDS are presented each January to recognize other leaders in the design industry who have adopted an innovative and green approach to their work. Winners do not pay to be listed and are usually unaware of their nomination for the award. organicARCHITECT does not accept any solicitations or advertising. All research is funded through their design work.


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