A Methodology for Green Building.

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We believe that every building should be a green building.

In the future, we won't even use the term anymore. Green Building will simply be the way it is. This is inevitable. To that end, we spend a considerable portion of our efforts on researching how to make this future possible. This research finds its way into our design projects, our consulting work, and into Eric's presentations, and helps shape the next generation of sustainability and green building.

Due to time constraints, we are very selective in the types of projects we research. Our work focuses on four primary types of buildings:

Our Project Types
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Educational

Residential will always be our first love. There is nothing more personal, fun and rewarding than designing a unique home for nice people. Our roots with residential projects go so far back, that even Eric's final thesis project in school was an organic house!

Over the years and after hundreds of homes, we have developed a special process for uncovering the needs of our clients. Based on the interview style of Frank Lloyd Wright, this process finds how you really want to live in the home and pulls out new design ideas from your own personalities. The results produce something new and wholly untraditional, yet perfectly suited to your needs. Schedule a time to meet with Eric and discuss your new home and you'll see why he prizes houses as his favorite projects.

Our research into green residential has produced three books and countless articles. Best of all, we know exactly which systems, finishes and methods will save you money and bring beauty to your home. We can even work your current architect to advise on the best ways to incorporate sustainability into your project.

Thinking about putting a green roof on your office building? Considering solar panels? Want to find the best ways to improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of your store, office or mall? We can help.

Let research provide insight on which systems can save you energy, lower your operational costs or improve your work environment. Contact us or schedule a time to meet with Eric to get our white paper on how to green your commercial buildings.

Are you a hotelier, hospitality manager or resort developer looking to lower your operating costs and improve guest experience? We can help.

Every year, hospitality operators and management companies pay tens of millions of dollars more than necessary to run their properties.

Through our organicsuites program, we will show you how to put those dollars back into your projects. Using proven green technologies, we work with your existing project team to provide tangible, deployable and healthful benefits to your residents, guests and employees. Our research into the hospitality market will teach you how to “green” your projects while raising your bottom line at the same time.

Hotels could reclaim a potential cost savings of up to 30% of operating costs. Contact us or schedule a time to meet with Eric to get our white paper on greening hospitaliity and find out how. You can also download our brochure and green hotel fact sheet right now (PDF).

School buildings are more than physical structures, they can develop community and offer lessons for future generations about sustainability.  There are an estimated 125,000 existing schools in the US, offering an incredible opportunity to reduce the impact schools have on the environment and improve student health on a large scale.

Eric is the co-author of "Sustainable School Architecture," the seminal work on how to green school projects and educational facilities. Our research will show you the hidden opportunities to save energy, resources and water in your school facilities.   From initial planning, through design and operation, our research can help you find the right way.   

Our work covers the best low-cost/high-value strategies for high performance schools and major renovations and the steps that existing schools can take to operate their way to a healthy high performance indoor environment. Eric has particular expertise in the use of natural daylighting in schools to improve student performance and slash energy use.

Schools could potentially cut their energy and water use by up to 80% through smarter planning and management. Contact us or schedule a time to meet with Eric to get our white paper on greening school facilities and find out how we can help.

Our Areas of Particular Experience
  • Pre-Fabrication
  • Biomimicry
  • Urban Redevelopment

At first glance, pre-fabricated (or "prefab) structures make a lot of sense. They offer faster construction times, higher quality and an economy of scale. The range of prefab buildings runs from modular wall panels up to fully realized buildings that arrive on the site nearly complete.

The potential for prefab structures to offer low-cost green buildings is enormous, but the reality hasn't quote gotten there yet. In our work, we have been using modular materials and prefab construction methods in everyday projects. Eric even wrote some chapters about it in his books. Use our experience to help you apply prefab methods into your large scale projects. Contact us or schedule a time to meet with Eric to discuss how we can help.

Biomimicry is the study of how Nature designs. Popularlized by the 2002 book by Janine Benyus, the concept of biomimicry could teach us how to build the way Nature does and save ourselves in the process.

Nature has figured out how to build with local materials; while we still cart materials around the globe on global supply chains. Nature uses carbon dioxide as a building block; we can only see it as a pollutant. Finally, Nature knows how to evolve to each site and location; while we try to fit the same boxes in Alaska as we do in Arizona. The possibilties are only just now being realized.

Imagine materials that heal themselves, carpeting that provides nutrition on the bare knees of crawling babies or roofing that changes color with the seasons. Such ideas could save billions in energy and material costs. This is the primary focus of our research. Contact us or schedule a time to meet with Eric to discuss how we can help.

Cities are a type of organism. If we understand the various economic, cultural and regulatory forces that shape it, we can see how a city can evolve into a truly sustainable place. Most urban development projects are unaware of these important factors, but by applying the right framework we could develop community-centric and thriving urban spaces.

We have been working with communities around the world helping to lead community workshops, draft sustainable redevelopment policies and implement programs for living urban blocks. Our particular areas of interest have been in the "rust belt" cities like Detroit and Cleveland, whose manufacturing base left vacant land and an under-utilized workforce. Luckily, through our partnership efforts with organizations like Urban Re:Vision, Saving Cities and Tribe Wanted we have been very successful and transforming these blighted cities one block at a time. Contact us or schedule a time to meet with Eric to discuss how we can help you develop sustainable blocks for your city.

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