1. The Site is the Solution
The understanding of surrounding systems is the key to sustainable design. This includes the systems of construction, the systems of materials production and, especially, the existing systems of the site. By observing and designing in harmony with all of these systems, we can join and not destroy our environment. The systems of the site provide our solution before our eyes.

2. Nature is our Inspiration
By creating a place which complements the environment, other systems will begin to regenerate. Understanding our place with Nature, allows us to better observe our impact. Nature inspires our work and informs our actions.

3. Work with Nature
By striving for a regeneration of Nature, rather than a depletion from it, we are taking responsibility for our lives. We become more alive. As our surroundings come back to life, so do we. Sustainable design works with the processes of Nature.

4. Learn from your Actions
Understanding the effects of your relation to your environment will inform your design possibilities. The impact you create will eventually reconnect back to you.

5. The design is just the beginning
The collection of Individuals involved all contribute to the design process. Great design is the beginning of a lifelong educational process. The design begins a journey which continues as you live in harmony with your design.

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