"There should be as many types of styles and forms as there are Individuals."

An American Architecture must then be of the singular spirit and character associated with the American psyche, a tradition founded in our roots as a society of Individuals, not an individual society. Therefore, a truly American Architecture would then be defined as an Individual expression- the product of our eclectic roots, with the unique factors of site, materials and structure expressed in an approach to design seeking a creative and original, rather than a preconceived, solution to our Architectural challenges.

Such a method defies the tyranny of the imports of "style" and convention, stressing beauty, ingenuity and environmental concern.

History demonstrates it has consistently been the work of an Individual, pursuing his/er singular vision, which has pushed the progress of Art forward. The work of the Individual, seeking out truth in order to create beauty, is the cornerstone of Human Progress.

The Mahatma ("Great Soul") Gandhi (1869-1948), the great social reformer and "Father of India," wrote, "In order to improve the world, you have to start with the Individual." The Individual is the empirical basis of society; a unit of measure. It is said that any chain is only as strong as it's weakest link; applied to Society, a culture is only as strong as it's weakest Individual.

I urge you to be your own majority and embue yourself into your world. We would love to meet with you to discuss the design of your autobiography.

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