Why Choose Eric?

It is hard to call Eric Corey Freed just a "speaker." His talks are part standup comedy act, and party Ph.D. lecture. He takes the audience on a journey through history, culture and entertainent to present bold new ideas to apply to your business. Rather than call him a speaker, Dallas Observer referred to him as "a tent revival preacher" – with the rare ability to entertain, hold the audience's attention and transform how you see the world.

Prior to your event, Eric will hold a conference call with you and the event organizaers to discuss your goals for the event, key takeaways and the makeup of the audience.

These conversations allow Eric to craft a special experience for your event. In addition, Eric can use his social networks to promote your event, record a special greeting to help publicize the talk or provide a short article you can email out or publish in your newsletter.


You are encouraged to audio or video record the event. Eric is happy to thank specific sponsors who helped make this event happen. Books can be purchased wholesale and given to attendees as takeaways.

Eric is also happy hold a booksigning and meet and greet after the talk.


Eric can provide a short article that summarizes his message to be emailed to attendees or published in your newsletter. He can also provide you with 52 short Tweets to send out weekly to your audience to spread the key messages from the talk.

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