Working with Eric Corey Freed

Eric is more than just a funny keynote speaker; he actually works on the things he talks about!

His rare combination of practical experience, deep research background and impactful team building skills, made him a popular and indispensable consultant for hundreds of companies seeking to embrace sustainability practices.

Through his tenure as Founding Principal of organicARCHITECT, Eric participated on the project teams of some of the most innovative green buildings in the country, including dozens of LEED Platinum and Net Zero Energy buildings.

Working alongside the staff of hundreds of companies, Eric knows how to inspire the team to take action, create a lasting strategy for corporate change, and generate

From Real Estate Consulting to Sustainability Consulting to Leadership Consulting, Eric has helped clients explore new opportunities and develop new innovations to reduce costs and increase profitability.

Some of Eric's typical consulting projects include:

  • Audit your existing building portfolio and develop a plan for energy upgrades
  • Lifecycle analysis of products to uncover ideas to improve profit margins
  • Staff workshops and trainings to convert managers into sustainability leaders
  • Work together to improve your product lifecycle, supply chain or operations
  • Develop marketing plans for the launch of a new, green product or material

How It Works

By engaging his clients into a process, Eric uncovers innovative solutions to clients' business problems. No two problems (or clients) are alike, and each consulting project involves something new and a customized approach.

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