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What are other Event Planners and Meeting Organizers Saying About Eric?

"Your presentation was so educational and right on target.
Darren said you were going to be a rock star, and he was right."

Bradford Rand

President, Go Green Expo

"I have to say your talk was one of the most inspiring of the conference."

Ruth Altchek

Senior Editor, Domino Magazine

"The workshop that drew the largest attendance was "The Inevitable Architect: A Phase-by-Phase Guide to Green Building," presented by Eric Corey Freed, a principal with OrganicARCHITECT ( in San Francisco.

He had so many people in his room that we had to pull people out for the fire hazard. They gave him a second session the next day, and that one also filled to standing room only."

San Francisco Chronicle


"You did a fantastic job giving such a captivating presentation last night. The audience was really moved by how much an impact sustainable design can make on conserving our valuable resources. You were really able to pull the audience in and engage them on a high level which was very impressive and effective. Many people came up to me after your presentation and told me that they learned so much from you... I think everyone would of liked for you to continue talking, but unfortunately we had to be out by 8:30..."

Liz Epstein

Development Assistant, NRDC

"Thanks Eric! You are a very gifted speaker, what an honor it was to have you speak at our event. We have had great feedback and I am seeing a lot of positive tweets out there singing your praises. As a result of your talk, we’ve already changed our roadmap following the “Big Vision” approach you taught us."

Heather McCombs

Executive Director, Wisconsin Green Building Alliance