Real Estate Consulting

Whether you're a small developer, large real estate management company or an architect looking to add sustainability into your projects, Eric can show you how to get the best "bang for your buck", lower project operation costs, and increase occupant satisfaction.

Develop a clear path to net zero energy

The rising cost of energy, the unpredictable effects of climate change and the demand to regulate carbon are driving real estate and property managers to address their energy use. The most successful companies are cutting their energy use and creating a roadmap to net zero energy use in their facilities.

As a sustainability pioneer, Eric consults to his clients to produce a clear strategy to reduce energy costs, carbon liability and save money at the same time. Eric helps develop an organization's energy and water policies to ensure it has the systems and expertise in place to implement the overall green building strategy.

Seamlessly integrating design and sustainability solutions.

Thinking about putting a green roof on your office building? Considering solar panels? Want to find the best ways to improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of your store, office or mall? We can help.

Are you a hotelier, hospitality manager or resort developer looking to lower your operating costs and improve guest experience? We can help.

Every year, building operators and management companies pay tens of millions of dollars more than necessary to run their properties. We will show you how to put those dollars back into your projects. Using proven green technologies, we work with your existing project team to provide tangible, deployable and healthful benefits to your residents, guests and employees. Our research into the hospitality market will teach you how to “green” your projects while raising your bottom line at the same time.

Pioneering new ways to finance green buildings and cutting your ROI.

One of the biggest expenses a company has are it's facilities. Through his sustainability expertise, Eric helps clients identify new approaches to financing green retrofits and upgrades.

  • Want to install solar on your roof for free?
  • Need to prioritize which building upgrades will pay for themselves in under a year?
  • Looking to tie your operations costs to your capital improvement budget?

Using new types of financial instruments, tax benefits and monetizing the benefits, Eric is able to install things you once thought "too expensive."

Eric has crafted, supported and shaped the sustainability policies for some of the most well-known companies in the world, prioritizing their needs and budgets into clear strategies to eliminate pain points and identify opportunities to lower costs.