Leadership Consulting

Companies are quickly discovering that if done right, going green can actually make you money. Eric Corey Freed argues that sustainability is the next wave of corporate leadership – companies that innovate here will cut costs, attract new customers and recruit the best talent.

Turning Followers into Leaders

Any sustainability strategy is only as good as the people implementing it.

Eric will teach you the immutable laws found in Nature and show you how to apply them to your business to engage customers, attract talent and foster new product categories.

Deploying positive organizational change through sustainable principles.

Nearly all of the Fortune 500 companies now have a "CSO" Chief Sustainability Officer, but most of these organizations see this as a loss leader – one salaried person in charge of "that green stuff" for marketing purposes.

Instead of looking at sustainability as something you add on, it should be integrated throughout your operations. Eric will show you how to apply the principles of Nature to:

  • Turn a waste expense into revenue generator
  • Convert customers into loyal, brand evangelists
  • Distinquish your company from the competition
  • Foster strategic partnerships based on your products

Eric helps clients identify such opportunities in order to create an executive leadership development program that fits your organization's goals, management styles, and corporate culture.

Leveraging mentorship to uncover the next generation of leaders.

Most mentorship programs involve recruiting young, smart people to start at the "bottom of the ladder." This squanders their idealism and dampers their enthusiasm.

Through a series of intense goal setting exercises, Eric brings out the potential of your staff and connects their personal goals to your corporate goals.

Eric teaches clients critical leadership skills, while coaching them to proactively develop their own solutions to critical sustainability problems. They emerge through the process as leaders.

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