"I have to say your talk was one of the most inspiring of the conference."

Ruth Altchek

Senior Editor, Domino Magazine

"You did a fantastic job giving such a captivating presentation last night. The audience was really moved. You were really able to pull the audience in and engage them on a high level which was very impressive and effective. Many people came up to me after your presentation and told me that they learned so much from you..."

Liz Epstein

Development Assistant, NRDC

"We had great feedback --the sales rep are still talking about how to apply what you taught them in your presentation!! You really added value to the National Sales Presentation."

Alison Blume

Head of Marketing, Nanawall Systems

"Your talk ended up being the highlight of the evening. It is difficult to keep an audience tuned in during seminars or talks, but yours was the ultimate cure to adult ADD because of your great use of graphics and media. Kudos to you for putting together such a great and inspiring presentation."

Flavia Berys

Associate Attorney, DLA Piper US LLP

"Eric Corey Freed gave one of the best presentations on our past and future I have ever seen."

Scott Badenoch

Co-Founder, Creative Citizen

"Thank you again for your wonderful contribution to the ICE Conference Program. You are an awesome presenter with an important message that our fabricators needed to hear."

Sandy Milroy

Director of Membership Services & Events, ISFA

"We were all very enthusiastic about your presentation and are still talking about it. The participants found it informative and entertaining, and it was very effective in jump-starting their discussion of future green projects."

Ellen Iwamoto

Event Organizer, Annenberg Public Policy Center

"I was absolutely swept away by your presentation. It was inspirational, funny, challenging, uncomfortable and hopeful. I can’t stop thinking about it."

Irving Silverman

Director, Energy Services, SourceOne, Inc.

"During the talk, Freed had attendees (including me), laughing in their seats. Freed infused his talk with arresting visuals and sometimes shocking humor. After hearing his talk, I couldn't really explain it, but I just felt better. I felt more upbeat about the future after being able to laugh about it. Freed said that after his talks, people often want to hug him. I didn't hug him, but I did oddly sort of want to."

Bonnie Hulkower


"Your address to the chapter was brilliant! There is still a lot of buzz around here about it."

Erik Lundy

Chapter Chair, American Planning Association

"Your presentation was eye opening, jaw dropping and in my opinion simply fantastic! I think you definitely got everyone’s wheel’s turning (in the right direction) — you delivered a great presentation!"

Becky McCambly

Director of Clean Technology, CVEP

"Eric, I loved your presentation, such an entertaining style, incisive content, and true compassion/commitment running through it all. If Al Gore and Jon Stewart had an architect love-child... you could still beat him up on the playground..."

Myshel Prasad

Grid Alternatives

"I have to say that was one of the best presentations I have seen, well done Eric! Would you call that inspirational laughter?"

Brent Trenga

Chief Green Officer, Green Wizard

"You could speak on fishing, and as a vegetarian I would still find it interesting. Thanks for the inspiration!"

Sonja Bochart

Associate, SmithGroupJJR

"Thank you so much for the awesome presentation. People have been raving about it!"

Reena Brilliot

Go Green Schools Director, City of San Jose

"Your presentation, and your MC'ing skills, were great. Your performance and the whole session you hosted got rave reviews from the packed audience. We love your work. Again, deep thanks for your presentation (and your killer stand-up skills), and for your great ongoing work and contributions to green building and the larger social good."

J.P. Harpignies

Associate Producer, Bioneers

"Thanks Eric! You are a very gifted speaker, what an honor it was to have you speak at our event. We have had great feedback and I am seeing a lot of positive tweets out there singing your praises."

Heather McCombs

Executive Director, Wisconsin Green Building Alliance

"Thank you Eric! You did an awesome job as always. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and I know people really appreciated your humor. It was the perfect way to round out our event and everyone will remember your “just do it” mantra."

Jessica L. Aldridge

Executive Director, Burbank Green Alliance