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Mixing data and humor.

Eric Corey Freed is a sought-after speaker, lecturing at some 70 events each year around the country (that's more than one a week!). Tapping into our extensive research, Eric crafts visually stunning presentations and delivers them with a mix of humor and a dramatic call to action.

Speaking on the subjects of biomimicry, sustainable design, green building, planning and public policy issues, Eric develops an entirely new keynote talk each year. You can schedule Eric to speak at your conference or organization. His upcoming speaking dates are listed to the right. Eric would love to meet while he is in your area.

Eric likes to speak to all types of groups, from engineers to homeowners and everyone in between. Preferred groups are architects, builders, environmental groups, homeowners, organizations, corporations and trade groups. All events, from annual meetings, to corporate cocktail mixers, to large conferences are welcome. If you're interested in having Eric speak at your event, please contact us.

Our beautifully designed and meticulously researched slides are available for download. Abridged and watermarked versions are available for free, and complete sets are available for purchase below.

"I have to say that was
one of the best presentations I have seen!
Would you call that inspirational laughter?"


It's Zero or Nothing: Solutions for a Post-Carbon Economy (2014)
This is Eric's brand new, 2014 talk exploring a new way of designing and constructing our buildings, following the principles of Nature.

Even if every new building were to obtain LEED Platinum certification, it wouldn't reduce our current carbon emissions. In truth we need to focus on making all buildings be net zero energy, net zero water and net zero carbon, including our existing ones. The next generation of buildings can't simply continue trying to be "less bad" or make us feel guilty for our lifestyles. What is needed are living, regenerative buildings that do no harm and repair the damage we've done. In this talk we will explore new models for how to transform our buildings into living habitats.  
NOTE: The slides are hi-res PDFs, and do not contain audio or video.

"My mind was blown last night!
I didn't realize how small I was thinking
until hearing Eric speak!"


Attack of the Dodo-Sapiens (the 2013 sequel)
This is Eric's 2013 talk exploring alternative models of urban development.

In this talk you'll explore how the lessons learned from history, biomimicry, crowdfunding, and collaborative consumption can provide new insight into ways to design living, regenerative buildings for everyone in a matter of decades.  By examining the emotional, psychological and financial reasons why we build, you'll learn new and better arguments for greening your buildings. We'll uncover specific, bold ideas for how to retrofit our existing cities and suburbs.  

NOTE: The slides are hi-res PDFs, and do not contain audio or video.

Slide Presentations for Download

$9.99 download
2012 talk exploring the need for regenerative, bio-based and living buildings.
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Spills, Sins & Starbucks
$9.99 download
2011 talk examining our addition to cars and how it has negatively shaped our cities. Add to Cart

Detroit, Dallas & Despotism
$9.99 download
2010 talk contrasting a sustainable city block in Dallas, with the rust belt city of Detroit. Add to Cart

The Myth of Sisyphus
2009 talk showing the design opportunities in Suburbia, Las Vegas & New Orleans.

Problems & Solutions
2008 talk featuring the issues with buildings and how to solve them.

Specific Building Type Presentations (Free Download)

Green Schools
2010 (65MB PDF)

Green Hospitality
2010 (41MB PDF)

Green Retail
2010 (46MB PDF)

Daylighting in Schools
2010 (49MB PDF)

LEED Case Studies
2008 (30MB PDF)

Watch a Lecture Now
Living Buildings
CitiesAlive, October 2013
Attack of the Dodo-Sapiens
CRRA Conference, August 2013
City of Wichita, January 2012
Spills, Sins & Starbucks
AltBuild Santa Monica, May 2011
Detroit, Dallas & Despotism
USGBC Los Angeles Chapter, April 2010
The Myth of Sisyphus
Crome Architects, August 2009

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